Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Happy Momemts

Last night the Wife, two daughters and my granddaughter (3yrs) started decorating the house for Christmas. My granddaughter was so proud that she got to put ornaments on the tree and point out with great pleasure each one to me. These are the moments I want her to remember, not the time that is coming when grandpa will not be very well shall we say with it. I cried most of the night in silence as I felt sorry for what my family is going through. I know my time will end of knowning anything, but they will be left with the wreckage. I have battled alcoholism, smoking, parkinson, my homosexuality and have stayed the course in these battles, but this is one that I am slowly loosing, Alzheimer's does not care who or what you are it just keeps eating away at your mind taking its' share each day. I know it sounds like I am very coherent, but it takes a great deal of concentration on each word and rechecking spelling. It hurts when my wife has to call me several times to acknowledge her, because I am somewhere else, God only knows where, because I sure the hell don't. But I am still here and still breathing.
God Bless You All and This Great Country of Ours!

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