Saturday, December 23, 2006

As Promised The Next Stages 4 & 5

But First my horoscope for the day how fitting:
You feel like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Unlike her, you land in your own wonderland that makes perfect sense. After all, isn't your reality what you wished and hoped for so long ago?

Stage 4:
Moderate cognitive decline (what really does moderate mean to you?)
(Mild or early-stage Alzheimer's disease)
At this stage, a CAREFUL MEDICAL REVIEW (Doc pay attention please) detects clear-cut deficiencies in the following areas:
1: Decreased knowledge of recent occasions or current events.
2: Impaired ability to perform challenging mental arithmetic-for example, to count backward from 100 by 7s (I know eight year old who can do this, so I guess I can I am eight)
3: Decreased capacity to perform complex tasks, such as marketing, planning dinner for guests or paying bills and managing finances. ( I screw up the check book, did computers for a living and now have trouble doing email, although allot of people will say no he doesn't.)
4: Reduced memory of personal history.
5: The affected individual may seem subdued and withdrawn, especially in socially or mentally challenging situations. (too many people over two cause me confusion) ( had to stop and spell check I sound smarter)

Stage 5:
Moderately severe cognitive decline
(Moderate or mild-stage Alzheimer's disease)
Major gaps in memory and deficits in cognitive function emerge. Some assistance with day-to-day activities becomes essential. At this stage, individuals may:
1: Be unable during a medical interview to recall such import details as their current address, their telephone number or the name of the college or high school from which they graduated.
2: Become confused about where they are or about the date, Day of the week, or season. ( I do that all the time now, good thing for calenders and my family to keep me on course).
3: Have trouble with less challenging mental arithmetic: for example counting backward fro 40 by 4s or from 20 by 2s.
4: Need help choosing proper clothing for the season or occasion. ( my work around wear the same thing, until told different.)
5: Usually retain substantial knowledge about themselves and know their own name and the names of their spouse or children. ( I guess that is why I have to point to their rooms so my wife knows who I am talking about or play 20 questions, but we get there.)
6: Usually require no assistance with eating or using the toilet. (Yeah I can still do that all by myself, I am a big boy now).

Well tomorrow six and seven. Till then:
God Bless You and this Great Country of Ours

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